The author and Roshi Joan Halifax on ordination day (photo by Mitsue Nagase)

How to Fall in Love with Your Work

From packing alfalfa sprouts to being a Buddhist chaplain… How I found the path to liberation-based livelihood, and how you can too.

Raising awareness about the crippling effect of student loan debt

The “Yes!” List / September

Creative and positive ways to respond to some of the most challenging issues of our time… medicine against despair.


The Great Matter

A tribute to a friend, Nicole Sangsuree Barrett


The “Yes!” List

Moving from despair to action… Creative ways to respond to 3 of the most challenging situations in our world today: Gaza, refugee kids in Texas, and water access in Detroit.

Joanna Macy teaching at Upaya Zen Center / Photo: Roshi Joan Halifax

4 Ways to Transform Despair…. And The Patron Saint of Lost Causes

How can we go on knowing that everything we love will one day disappear? What’s the point of taking any action once we realize that life as we know it is ending? Inspiration from Joanna Macy and others…


Great Suffering, Great Transformation

At the heart of every experience of suffering is the potential for transformation. Stay open to it.

Upaya Buddhist Chaplaincy Program Graduates and Maia

New Beginnings

What’s the most important thing? To be of service, to soften suffering and cultivate joy in this world that needs it so much. I’m ready for that assignment.


How to Live Your Life

Celebrating life, love, and elephant wisdom with a poem


“Real Happiness at Work” by Sharon Salzberg: Book Review

Real Happiness at Work is the perfect guidebook for anyone who is yearning to re-calibrate their relationship to work.


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